Should we be Vegan?

Reiki is about the Universal Life Force Energy.  We witness this energy each time we breath pure air, drink pure water and eat wholesome food. 

Towards the end of 2018 there was a flurry of interest and debate about introducing a vegan diet to help to solve the western cultural obesity crisis.  The scientific focus exploring the use of Algae, Wheat gluten, Cow free milk and Fungi, introduced ideas of a changing diet.  Seaweeds, a core part of Japanese diet, would relieve dwindling land crops and focus on farming in the sea.  The use of wheat gluten, creating food with a meaty texture would compensate for a desire to chew.  An example of a laboratory grown burger prototype, at a cost of £231,000, explored the possibility to grow meat scientifically without slaughtering animals.  Milk producing genes and the use of yeast created cow-free milk, processing costs of £20.9 million.  Fermentation tanks created Mycoproteins using filamentous fungus or mould to create a billion-pound manufacturing process to add flavours to make the substance we know as Quorn.  (Science Focus BBC Focus Magazine – Should we go vegan in 2019)

Reiki energy is about bringing clarity and balance to an argument of extremes.  Our current food system is flawed.  Over one-third of gas emissions come from agriculture.  Our food system causes deforestation, land use change and the loss of biodiversity.  Research suggests our farmers are stressed due to rules and regulations, not to mention climate changes.  8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat and 1.9 million tons of food is wasted by the food industry(

We may turn to different cultures for answers - Reiki originates from Japan.  Using Reiki energy creates awareness of energy and food’s healing nutrients.  For problem solving we have conscious thoughts and self-awareness.  By consciously using Reiki energy on the food we eat, eating more slowly and raising awareness of our digestion, we improve the effectiveness of growing, buying food in season and producing less waste. Although values and beliefs change over time and technologies play their part, the sun’s energy still transfers to heat and light, combining with water and nutrients, creating a process of plant growth.  Becoming aware helps us understand that attunement to Reiki energy, supports a healthy balance, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Being attuned from a Reiki Master Teacher, I became aware of my energy, exploring how permeable it is and how through techniques, it is possible to be conscious and more self-aware.  As I learnt the language, partly Japanese, to describe the higher the levels of Reiki energy, I became sensitive, connecting to plants, their high frequencies, connecting with animals their energies more-dense, their vibrations lower.  For me Veganism is an extreme, I prefer the balance of less animal foods and more plant foods to maintain a healthy diet.  Giving Reiki energy, supports and increases conscious thought, language, and self-awareness, towards a return to a balance and clarity for the food we eat.